Popcorn Catering


 Nitro Pop is Popcorn Frozen in a Unique Way

Nitro Pop is frozen popcorn for a very crunchy, cold, and smoky effect.  Your guests will never forget you after they try Nitro Pop at your wedding, party, or event.  Nitro Pop is the latest in Gourmet Popcorn in Los Angeles! Check out the video below!

Why Nitro Pop Catering?  Nitro Pop Catering is a great party favor for bithday parties, weddings,  Indian weddings, nightlife events, corporate parties, holiday parties, wedding receptions, or at the wedding reception dance floor.  You can rent a Nitro Pop Popcorn Bar anywhere in Los Angeles.  Looking for something more interesting than a candy table or cup cakes?  Nitro Pop is your answer.  All popcorn is provided by Gourmet Popcorn brand Uncle Pops.